About us

Our four-star boutique hotel The Volga House is located in the heart of the thousand-year-old Kazan.

Its building was built by a clerk of the richest merchant Kekin in the 19th century and is easily recognized by the red brick facade.

The Volga House also features a free guarded parking lot and the excellent restaurant with buffet services and Wi-Fi. 

Boutique hotel The Volga House has 6cozily designed luxury suites. There is the 24-hour front desk with a professional staff. Personalized service, 24-hour room and Butler service – all these will make your stay in our hotel comfortable and easy. 

About us

Each room of the boutique hotel is designed in the European style. Furniture and decorative items are made in Germany and Italy. There are functional double size beds with a mechanism that separates the bed into two single beds and raises the headboard for reading. 

The first room of the boutique hotel is the Volga theme show room. On its walls you can see two different visions of the Volga: photos of Chernetsov brothers from 19th century-expedition along the Volga and aerial photographs of the Volga River of our days. To all guests of this room we present "Rendezvous with the Volga" – a car trip to the river bank.

About us

Special offer for newlywed is our room #6.  The suite consists of two rooms with  a balcony offering  wonderful views of the historical center of Kazan: the Kremlin, Kul-Sharif mosque, Peter and Paul.

Rooms #5 and 6 have a balcony where our guests can drink a cup of coffee or make a barbeque or just enjoy wonderful view under the stars.